Student riots halted by emergency screening of Countdown

A large student demonstration was swiftly quelled yesterday as Countdown presenters Jeff Stelling and Rachel Riley were called in to host a special screening of the game which was relayed to the massive crowds via huge screens wheeled in by riot police.

The students, some of whom had been attacking Tory HQ on Millbank, immediately stopped rioting and many attempted to solve a taxing numbers game on the back on their banners and placards. Some then cited their inability to do so as evidence of the drastic impact education cuts were already having.

Police fears were renewed briefly, when students began frantically waving banners reading ‘Rebellion’, before it was pointed out to them as the answer to the final round-conundrum.

A hard-core of protestors remained unmoved by the police’s efforts, and continued rioting until the 5.30 repeat of the edition of ‘Neighbours’ which they had already watched at lunchtime was screened.

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