Apple claim the letter i and seek to ‘takeover the alphabet’

Apple Managing Director Steve Jobs has explained that following the successful launch of products such as the iPad, iTouch and iPhone, his company is to patent the letter i and ‘begin to takeover the alphabet’.

‘I have instructed lawyers to take an injunction out on anyone using the letter i. Having cornered the electronics market, diversifying into phonics seems logical and we are only talking about a 4% market share at this point. So from this moment on, the i is ours’.

Englsh language cause célèbre Lynn Truss announced that she was ‘horrfed by ths typographc development’, but London teenager Mchael Enrght (14), shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes, before telling reporters that he marginalised all the vowels from texts ‘snce ages ago LOL’.

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