Fury as someone who isn’t good at something on TV gets to carry on doing it

The British people are in an increasingly angry mood because someone who has been dancing/singing/twatting about the Australian jungle on TV for 8 weeks/6 weeks/a few days has been allowed to carry on dancing/singing/twatting about the Australian jungle for a while longer, despite not being as good at dancing/singing/twatting about the Australian jungle as someone else who has had to stop doing it.

‘It’s so wrong,’ said Maureen Stubbs, a distressed, 43-year-old waste of oxygen from Luton. ‘Anne Widdecombe/Wagner/Gillian McKeith is nowhere near as good as Felicity Kendal/Paije/Nigel Havers, but after we’ve voted on it, she/he is still there and he/she is gone. What is the world coming to?’

Clarifying government policy on the subject, David Cameron said: ‘For myself, I prefer Pamela and James/Rebecca Ferguson/Dom Joly, but it’s just a bit of fun that brings the great British family together of an evening…What’s that Skippy? Nuclear strike on South Korea, 5 million dead. Oh, aren’t they NAUGHTY?’

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