Corby Trouser Press added to Appellation D’Origine list

The Corby Trouser Press, a hotel-based item mainly used by travelling sales reps with a preference for a crease down the front of their trousers has been awarded AoC status to protect it from cheap imitations.

The press joins Parma ham, Champagne and Darjeeling Tea in a unique club of products, and means that from now on only trouser presses from Corby can be referred to as a ‘Corby Trouser Press’.

The move is designed to stop the influx of cheaper alternatives manufactured outside the EU. ‘In the past, consumers have found that they are leaving their legwear in a substandard, foreign-made press, often branded ‘Corvy’ or ‘Curvy’. I’ve even come across a ‘Corby Prouser Tress’,’ said Jennie Di’Marco, the CEO of Corby Trouser Press Ltd.

‘It is absolutely vital that we protect out bumpy-trousered customers from the damage that exposure to these cheap imitations can wreak.’

The news follows last week’s report that ex-England goalkeeper Peter Shilton has launched his own brand of blue cheese to rival the similar-sounding Cambridgeshire-based cheese, Stilton.

The Mayor of the town of Corby has welcomed the move. ‘As the law now stands, only trouser presses made within the municipal boundary of the town can call themselves a Corby. We are therefore looking forward to the entire Corby Trouser Press Manufacturing Centre in Xian-dong province being moved to our town early in 2011.’

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