Further Wikileaks revelations delayed due to toner shortage

Government and Diplomatic Services around the globe breathed a sigh of relief as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange announced that with over 2 million documents still to copy and release, they had run out of toner for the office photocopier.

Assange commented, ‘we thought last Wednesday that some of the copies were coming out a bit faded and by Thursday we noticed streak and lines. We bashed the toner cartridge against the copier to loosen up the powder inside and got another 100 copies out, but by Friday afternoon it was knackered. We couldn’t get to Cartridge World by 5pm but we should be good today.

Further delays in the revelations of global government conpiracies are expected, however, as Assange has now announced he is to dedicate his organisation to exposing ‘Big ink’ companies and their charges for refills as the true source of much of global misery, ‘the extortionate price-gouging bastards’.

Milo Shame

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