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RSPCA warn that Cribbins is ‘last surviving famous Bernard’

The RSPCA’s endangered species watch team reported today that actor and ‘Voice of the Wombles’, Bernard Cribbins is now likely to be Britain’s only celebrity called ‘Bernard’ still surviving in the wild.

‘Bernard numbers have been dropping steadily for many years, but until today’s count we had no idea just how rare the famous Bernard has become on these shores,’ announced an RSPCA spokesman. ‘Conditions have been getting more and more harsh for the native Bernard, and one by one they’ve died out – Shaw, Bresslaw, Manning – Ecclestone’s been badly damaged – we don’t believe there remains a single breeding pair of Bernards in existence.’

We had tried putting Cribbins and Bernie Clifton in a hotel room together with soft lighting and plenty of straw, but they failed to form an attachment as Clifton began pining for his natural panto environment.’

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Posted: Nov 29th, 2010 by rickwestwell

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