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Calls for pay-wall around WHSmiths to stop free browsing of newspaper content

Britain’s most prestigious publishers, including News International and Express Newspapers, are up in arms about shops which allow people to browse the content of their publications without paying for them, saying newsagents should protect their titles behind a pay-wall.

One complained that it’s worse than avoiding taxes. ‘That’s legitimate – unlike accessing our stories for free, which is morally wrong…although OK, technically legal.’

‘Unlike being a multi-millionaire who evades paying a tax contribution to a nation which has given him considerable wealth, the man who looks at newspaper headlines while shopping in WH Smith or Waitrose is breaking a social contract – trying to get something for nothing,’ argued the publishers.

‘Englishness is about fair play – every time someone sneaks a view of one of my papers without buying it, a little piece of England dies,’ said one tax haven-based billionaire.

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Posted: Dec 1st, 2010 by ronseal

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