Myspace founder wondering when they’ll make Myspace movie

Anderson to get poked by Kevin Spacey 'any day now'

Tom Anderson, founder of the once-popular social networking site Myspace, has announced via Twitter that he is expecting Hollywood to make a film about him, for some reason.

‘Just saw #thesocialnetwork. It was good. My turn next, though, right?’ read Tom’s tweet, posted 1 October 2010. Tom has since underscored his inexplicable belief that either his life or his website would make a compelling film in a series of status updates posted on his Facebook page.

‘I want Jim Carrey to play me in the movie because he’s great in serious roles,’ posted Tom on 15 October 2010, indicating that he believed a film about Myspace (formerly MySpace) would be a drama rather than a comedy. 23 people liked this, confirming that there was a market for the project.

28 days later, Tom posted the following: ‘Maybe Tom Cruise would be better to play me? He’s another Tom, which I like, and he’s totally not gay. Maybe Cameron Diaz could play my GF!’

Tom is currently single.

Later updates suggested Tom’s unjustified optimism extended even to which directors would make the film, which does not yet exist. ‘I’m not saying I need [Academy Award-winning director David] Fincher and [Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron] Sorkin to work on it. They’re probably burned out on the topic just now. But maybe Scorsese or Sofia Coppola. And David Mamet could write it!’

Tom last logged into Myspace on 21 August 2010.

As of last might, Oliver Stone and Joe Eszterhas have expressed interest in the project. In anticipation of the stardom likely to follow box office success, Tom told his followers on bebo today that he is considering changing his name to ‘tom’.


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