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Scuffles at launch of ‘Country Fresh’ deodorant

Manufacturers of bathroom products Nature’s Way spoke today of their bewilderment as violent protests broke out at the launch of their new feminine deodorant, Country Fresh.

The incident started at an otherwise unremarkable press conference, after guest star Ulrika Jonsson swept open a small curtain on stage to reveal the slogan ‘Country Fresh Every Day!’. Immediately chaos ensued, with heckling journalists rushing the stage, local students holding a sit-in and police hurriedly instigating ‘kettling’ tactics.

‘We think this is a really strong brand, with a good, traditional feel, and it’s very disappointing that we don’t seem to have got the marketing values across. We can only hope things go better next month for the launch of our new ‘Cock Stink-Away’ range,’ said the brand’s newly-appointed marketing director, former BBC newsreader James Naughtie.

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Posted: Dec 9th, 2010 by rickwestwell

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