Health & Safety laws ban prostitutes smoking on street corners

Councillors in Walsall have officially declared street corners as designated places of work for prostitutes and therefore banned them from smoking whilst touting for business. Working girls are up in arms at the ruling.

‘It’s mad,’ said streetwalker Janet Brown. ‘In the depths of winter we huddle round the odd fag to keep warm. Now one punter has issued one of the girls with a Fire Marshall high-viz jacket, there’s a first aid box on the wall and a fire exit sign at the end of Smithson Street.’

The girls have  already complained that the working temperature is below the office standard of 16C. However, the council has informed them that this rule does not apply since their ‘area of operation’ is usually the back seat of a Mondeo. Instead, it will carry out a ‘cocking-on’  time and motion study next year.


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