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Nick Clegg resolves not to make any New Year resolutions

definitely not giving up the faggingAfter a challenging year in which he has been accused of breaking every single promise that he has made, Nick Clegg has pledged that he will definitely not be making any New Year resolutions – or, if he does, he won’t tell anyone about them.

‘I’m becoming tired of the way the press is twisting everything to make out I’m some kind of liar,’ Clegg told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘They just don’t understand how the process of Government really works. Sometimes you say something or make a promise with the best will in the world, but for reasons of convenience or weakness or whatever, you have to change tack.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and when they do, it really sorts the mice from the men. That’s politics.’

‘Okay, I admit that we promised to fight any increase in university tuition fees, but people have to realise that when we said that we had no idea we might actually get into power. And, yes, I did also say that we would never entertain the idea of power sharing with another party, but that was before the election, before there was ever a chance of it happening and before David Cameron and I met properly. There was no way I could have known all that when I called him a fake.’

'Nick who?', asks Cameron.‘But the important thing is, that was not lying. It was just a simple incorrect presentation of the facts. Now, thanks to my coalition partners, I have a very clear understanding of the facts.’

Mr Clegg then revealed that No.10 had advised him not to make any New Year resolutions as it could be politically damaging for the Government. ‘This is one firm promise I can deliver on,’ he said proudly. ‘I will definitely not make any resolutions this year – that’s a commitment. Other than my traditional resolution to give up smoking, of course, which I reserve the right to break.’

When asked if he was prepared to apologise for breaking the Liberal Democrats’ pre-election pledge, Mr Clegg said: ‘I’m making no apologies for my actions, and I’m sorry if that upsets people.’

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Posted: Dec 10th, 2010 by Stan

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