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Mark Williams announces retirement from ‘stupid, boring snooker’

Just days after throwing away a 9-5 lead to lose 10-9 to John Higgins in the UK Championship final in Telford last Sunday, two-time world champion Mark Williams announced his retirement from the sport to stunned journalists, branding the sport ‘stupid’, ‘boring’ and ‘for joeys’.

‘I was going to retire anyway, because snooker is crap,’ the Welsh Wonder told a packed news conference with tears in his eyes. ‘I don’t even care about the UK Championship. John’s welcome to it. I wasn’t even trying my hardest anyway.’

Williams went on to say that he hadn’t done any practice and had stayed up all night playing on his DS the night before, and that he could have beaten Higgins if he had wanted to but he didn’t because snooker is rubbish anyway.

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Posted: Dec 14th, 2010 by Golgo13

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