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Commuters disrupted by unexpected absence of flash mob at Liverpool St Station

Train services from Liverpool Street were severely disrupted last night by the unprecedented absence of anarchic gangs engaging in unexpected organised dance.

The “flashmob” phenomenon has become an integral part of daily commuter life in the capital, a tradition which dates back hundreds of years if a scene in the Bayeux Tapestry has been accurately read by historians.

Yesterday however, for the first time in living memory, no mob ‘descended’ on the station. The effect was devastating, with commuters, tourists and station staff on the verge of panic, faced with an orderly, unmobbed station concourse.

This morning the situation reverted to normal. “It was very tense, then suddenly, out of nowhere, this bunch of people all broke into “Good King Wenceslas”. Soon, the whole station was watching, people were joining in, it was amazing!”

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Posted: Dec 15th, 2010 by rickwestwell

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