Christmas shopper falls victim to ‘hostile makeover’

A Debenhams customer was today reliving her nightmare ordeal after being trapped on a slightly wobbly stool and having cosmetic products ruthlessly applied to her face against her will.

Marie Robinson, speaking through a 4cm thick crust of the entire Clarins range, said: ‘I politely declined the offer of a free makeover, but the woman was armed with an apricot exfoliating scrub and a soothing eye-contour balm. You just don’t argue with firepower like that. Then it all kicked off and before I knew it I had a plastic bib and hairnet tying me down, and a team of expert beauticians pushing spatulas at me.’

Reports that the beauticians’ techniques were being piloted prior to being used on Guantanamo detainees have been vigorously denied by the authorities.

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