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Exclusive ski resort battles unexpected sunshine

The affluent Swiss ski resort of Verbier remained in chaos today following a spell of dazzling sunshine which caused it to run out of essential warm-weather supplies such as expensive designer sunglasses and convertible hire-cars.

‘This is an unprecedented sunny spell, and although the ski runs have been kept open, mainly because of all relentless bleedin’ snow, the unexpected sunshine has caused consumers to make a mad-dash for expensive sunglasses and convertible Bentleys,’ explained Swiss Skiing Minister David Moncoutier.

Switzerland’s shadow political ski minister Francois Vermont said ‘Verbier experiences severe sunshine in most winters, and we now must ask our politicians how this as they call ‘unanticipated’ sunny weather can bring the place to a standstill, after all in Saudi Arabia they face sunny periods all the time and seem to handle it pretty well. Mind you, Wikileaks tells me they’re fucked when it snows.’

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Posted: Dec 21st, 2010 by antharrison

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