Urban skiers set to be outlawed

The government is coming under increasing pressure to ban the use of ski equipment in towns and cities after the country was hit by yet another blanket of snow, prompting a host of ‘downright unbearable’ ski enthusiasts to to get their gear out.

The coalition government is now set to respond to the public disdain by introducing emergency legislation which would make it punishable by up to three years in prison if caught skiing in a town or city.

‘There’s nothing worse than seeing some twit skiing to the office in a city centre, even though he only lives a mile away and there’s about an inch of snow,’ explained a coalition spokesperson. ‘This is the UK we live in, not bloody Scandinavia. Ooh, look at you, aren’t you great, you’re in the city but your on skis! Why don’t they just get the bus like a normal person?’


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Posted: Dec 22nd, 2010 by

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