Sony launch ‘disappointing present’ game for PS3

Sony today announced the release of their much anticipated ‘disappointing Christmas present’ game for the PS3 games console in time for the Xmas market. The game promises to be an exact replication of the Christmas morning experience of getting a longed-for present which proves to be ultimately a little bit of an anti-climax.

The player is set a challenge of opening the fiendishly difficult wrapper, navigating multiple scenes of set up, feigning interest, and writing plausible thank you notes, with the ultimate goal of disguising the player’s ennui and avoiding the knock-out ‘well, it’s what you bloody asked for’.

Games industry journalist Dominic Jewell said, ‘the essence of a good computer game is deferring the realisation that it is totally pointless for as long as possible. In this respect ‘Disappointing Xmas Game’ almost rivals reindeer-themed knitted mittens for the last word in consumerist futility.’

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