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Santa set to replace reindeer with Toyota Prius derivative to offset environmental concerns

reindeer turned into bio-fuelAfter several years apparently wrestling with the problem of methane emissions, it has emerged that Father Christmas has decided to replace his team of flying reindeer with an engine based upon the Toyota Prius.

Speaking from his base at the Whitgift Shopping Centre deep in the heart of Croydon, Santa agreed with six-year-old Ryan Barnes that global warming was a concern and assured him that he was ‘doing everything he could do to ensure that snow continued to be a feature of Christmas by introducing an environmentally friendly sleigh.’

He then told Ryan’s sister Natalie, who had overheard the conversation, that the new sleigh puller has been jointly developed with a major Japanese car manufacture, and ‘a team of magic elves from his other base in Lapland.’

After being confronted by the children’s upset parents, the Shopping Centre hastily arranged a press conference at which Santa Claus tried to explain his earlier comments. ‘Err. I was rather put on the spot by these little b…bright children.’ he said hesitantly whilst adjusting his long white beard which looked as if it could have been made of cotton wool. ‘I share their concerns about the environment and feel that Santa, I mean, I, should do my bit for the planet.’

Looking much less hearty than he does on Christmas cards, Santa explained why it was time to make a change. ‘My old 4×4 reindeer configuration was rather extravagant. Hay doesn’t come cheap and it’s not as if I can ask Santa to drop some off. The new propulsion system is totally hybrid and qualifies for zero congestion charges in major cities. That will save me quite a few bob and will allow me to deliver to California again.’

Mr Claus was at pains to promise that some traditional features would be retained. The new power unit would be named the Toyota Rudolph and will feature shiny red LED lights at the very front of the vehicle. Finally he asked that, instead of leaving a carrot out for the reindeer, children should leave a can of de-icer.’

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Posted: Dec 23rd, 2010 by Stan

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