AA delights motorists with ‘in no way patronising’ Christmas driving tips

Motorists around the country have hailed the latest advice from the AA regarding driving during the current cold spell as ‘Educative, forthright, significant and not-at-all patronising’.

The advice from the motoring organisation follows a number of greatly valued pieces of advice, over the last fortnight such as ‘Don’t drive unless it is a matter of national security’ and their acclaimed campaign: ‘Don’t even go there.’

The Christmas message from AA chairman Bryan Braxted was broadcast in the slot normally allocated for Radio 4’s Thought for the Day: ‘Drive on the road. Don’ t drive along railway lines. Don’t park in the canal. Drive within your limitations; don’t just pile into the guy in front. Give yourself more time; set off a week early. Pack spare clothes, blankets, a hot beverage in a flask, a packet of Werthers Originals, shovel, ice axe, primus stove. Then if possible take public transport.’

Mervyn Wainwright of  the Plain English campaign praised the AA’s recent communications: ‘This is world-beating stuff. Rarely do we hear the bleedin’ obvious – not to mention the totally unnecessary – communicated with such meritorious perspicacity.”


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