Verdict on Christmas now in: “Oh, quiet, just the family”…

The population of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has returned its verdict on Christmas 2010, with 99.97% of respondents agreeing it was “Oh, quiet, just the family”.

While an overwhelming majority engaged in “the usual… ate too much, watched a bit of telly”, there was some gift variance noted, with respondents over the age of 40 largely receiving ‘bit and bobs’, those in the 13 – 18 demographic reporting ‘stuff’ and those under 10, ‘can’t remember’.

“But I decided to give the traditional family Christmas a miss this year,” said Mr Bob Flowerdew of Pontefract. “I packed the wife and kids off to her mother’s, bought ten grams of the finest cocaine and hired the services of two eager and agile prostitutes for the duration of the holiday. And, you know what, it actually worked out cheaper…”

doylem (with a nod to bravenewmalden)

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