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Hounslow man sees trampoline gift for kids as sound investment

Few parents had been looking forward to Christmas as much as Martin Sands this year. And on Christmas morning he wasted no time in filming the reactions of his three sons aged ten, seven and five as they were shown their new 14ft Jumpking deluxe trampoline.

‘£499 is more than I’d normally spend on them, but it’ll be worth it,’ explained the Hounslow dad. ‘I just need to film two amusing accidents and get them shown on You’ve Been Framed, then it’s paid for itself. Anything after that will be pure profit.’

The Jumpking deluxe comes with an 8ft-high safety enclosure net, but this can be detached to increase the chances of hilarious mishaps. If placed next to their paddling pool and some dancing newlyweds, Sands believes the possibilities are endless.

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Posted: Dec 31st, 2010 by Golgo13

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