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Man prosecuted for leaving public toilet as he would expect to find it

A 38-year-old accounts clerk who was fined £500 for his conduct in a public toilet in Swindon’s shopping centre early last month, is to appeal.

‘I had used this cubicle once before in October and noticed a sign on the door saying ‘Please leave this toilet as you would expect to find it,’ Colin Jefferson told reporters. ‘Unfortunately, on that occasion I was unable to do so, but I decided to make sure the mistake would not reoccur.’

On his return in December, Jefferson said in a statement, he broke the seat with a sledgehammer, shat on the ceiling through a garden sprinkler and wrote his mobile phone number on the wall inviting people to call him for cock fun.

Thus it was police flushed him out.

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Posted: Jan 4th, 2011 by Oxbridge

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