Keith Vaz urges middle-aged white males to face up to serial killing problem

'it's a problem which whitey needs to address'

Member of Parliament Keith Vaz has sparked a storm of criticism after calling on senior members of the middle-aged white male community to acknowledge their community’s problem with killing people serially where the motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification.

Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, has been accused of ‘stereotyping’ after suggesting many men over 35 years old and of Anglo origin see killing three or more people over a period of some months as ‘easy meat’. The Leicester East Labour MP was speaking out in a BBC interview, after decades of serial killing cases nearly always having a middle-aged white man as the perpetrator.

Random well-known white male figures such as Jeremy Kyle, Nigel Mansell and Ewan McGregor who were contacted within minutes of the interview and forced to give their immediate reaction to Keith Vaz’s comments were unanimous in strongly rejecting any suggestion that killing people one after another with some obvious or cryptic thread linking them was ‘ingrained’ in white middle-aged man culture, leading observers to speculate that they ‘would say that, wouldn’t they.’

Vaz, while acknowledging that other races commit murders, suggested that there seemed to be a specific problem among middle-aged white men, many of whom are ‘fizzing and popping with suppressed hatred and want some outlet for that’, but that other avenues should be sought.

‘We need to get the middle-aged white male community to think much more clearly about why this is going on,’ said Vaz, urging prominent white men such as Jack Straw, church leaders and community role-models such as David Beckham and Colin Firth to talk to their people and send a clear message that killing a number of victims with cooling off periods in between over a number of months was not acceptable.

Keith Vaz also appealed to old-white-lady community leaders such as Helen Mirren and Janet Street-Porter to ‘have a word with their lot not to put cats in bins.’

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