Jedi-Sith coalition ‘working very well’

Top Jedi Mace Windu has defended the record of the Sith-Jedi coalition Empire since it came to power last May.’It was soon clear that Jedi and Sith had much more in common than we first thought,’ the bald-headed mystic said yesterday. ‘We like blowing things up, we like shiny uniforms, and we like waggling our hands at people we don’t like.’

Admiral Ackbar, fish-faced leader of the Rebellion has issued a statement supporting the coalition. ‘Really, we have all got to understand that there isn’t a ‘dark side’ at all. Everybody has a bit of ‘dark’ in them, as Mrs Ackbar demonstrated last Saturday’.

So far, the only Jedi MP who has voted against the coalition is Sir Michael Yoda, MP for Dagobah South, and this may be a simple misunderstanding of the syntax used to describe the motion.

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