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Pro-Wrestling welcomes psychometric testing for new wrestlers

England is to become the only country in the world where all smackdown hopefuls will face psychometric tests designed to reveal whether they have the right personality for a career in the ring.

From 2012, all training applicants will undergo a series of psychological assessments that examine whether they have ‘a blend of empathy, communication and resilience’ using the tests already favoured by many blue-chip companies to identify potentially high-performing candidates. The move is a break from wrestling tradition, which has usually used a narrow criteria when considering employees based on volume, girth and the ability to hit someone over the head with a chair when officials aren’t looking.

Wrestling commentator and retired wrestler Chris ‘Coffee’ Kowalchik welcomes the move, although he adds ‘We could just tell people who want to be wrestlers that the whole thing’s fixed, of course.’

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2011 by Zadok

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