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Unemployment welcomed as excuse to cancel gym membership

Martin Spencer saw the bright side of his sudden redundancy today as he realised he could no longer justify  his membership to SuperBody gym now he was no longer earning.

‘Losing a job can feel emasculating — but not nearly as much as having to stand next to the guys from the rowing club in the gym showers,’ he said, ‘ No, now it’s a time for austerity I can no longer be forced by peer pressure at work making him keep up the pretence of being a member, even though I only went three times in two years. Every cloud and all that…’

‘Maybe he’ll even lose a bit of weight now,’ added his wife, Justine, ‘Frankly he always took in way more calories in the bar afterwards than he ever took off during exercise.’

MC One R

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2011 by Guest

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