Bird Flu-resistant chickens ‘actually cats’

Researchers who have developed a new genetically modified strain of chickens that are able to resist bird flu have denied claims they are actually cats.

‘Altering the chicken’s genes has had a minor cosmetic effect’, admitted lead scientist Professor Alan Song,  ‘there’s been a shortening of the wings and the feathers have taken on more of a fur like appearance, but flavour is unaffected even if the meat is a little stringy.’

Critics are unconvinced by these explanations though, pointing to the long slender tail, a mouth full of teeth, and purring.  Attempts to prove doubters wrong by releasing grainy footage of one of the chickens hatching has so far failed to convince, with Peter Wilson of the British Poultry Association claiming it is ‘just a kitten emerging from a pre-cut rugby ball’.

This news also casts doubt on the work being undertaken at a research facility in Battersea on a Swine Flu resistant pig that barks.
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