Campaign launched to fight for ‘right to become senile’

Soon-to-be pensioners have reacted with disappointment at the increase in the retirement age and are planning a challenge under the Human Rights Act, claiming that the Government is denying them their sacred right to descend into obscurity, social isolation and dementia.

A spokesman told reporters ‘a vast number of people have put in their time at work and are looking forward to spending their last days in retirement learning how to annoy younger members of their family with their stubborn misunderstanding of innocent conversations. Many plan to spend their time advising their adult children of the dangers of popular music and the internet, and how Islamic immigration causes cancer. It is a sad day indeed that these people are now expected to work significantly longer and therefore remain under the influence of rationality, perspective, and clear thought.’

The Daily Mail is backing the campaign, and said that it was outraged at what it called a ‘heartless attack on its traditional readership’.


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