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Cameron to discuss NHS reforms with GPs ‘as soon as he can get an appointment’

David Cameron has today hit back at critics who say that his NHS reforms are being pushed through without adequate consultation with GPs.

‘I’ve been trying to get an appointment to discuss it with them for weeks, but I’m still waiting,’ he told reporters. ‘I tried calling as soon as their surgeries opened at 9 o’clock, but was told I was 14th in the queue. When I eventually got through they told me there wasn’t anything until the end of February, and only then if it was an emergency.’

The Tory leader then visited the surgery in person to try to use his charms on the receptionist, only to require a trip to the local A&E for treatment for a bloody nose.

‘I think I’ll try again one more time tomorrow,’ he said, ‘but if I still can’t get to see a doctor I might just have to go private.’

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Posted: Jan 18th, 2011 by ianslat

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