Berlusconi denies ‘making law’ claims

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has angrily denied rumours that he went into Parliament last month and introduced a proposal which attracted sufficient support from his fellow politicians to become law.

The sordid claims were made by a member of the Italian Parliament, who claims he has video footage of the Berlusconi speaking in the Senate shortly before his proposal became law. The video appears to show him standing fully-clothed and making a concise pitch emphasising the need for greater regulation of the construction industry which, Mr Berlusconi said, ‘has, in the past, occasionally bordered on the corrupt’.

The video has shocked many Italians and the leader of the opposition has called for the leader’s resignation. ‘When people vote for a Prime Minister, they want to see him working hard to de-flower virgins, take control of all media-outlets, and amass a huge personal fortune from a corrupt business empire. This so called ‘law-making’ will not be tolerated,’ he said.

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