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Colin Firth to star in King’s Speech sequel, The Queen’s Accent

Award-winning actor Colin Firth has confirmed that he will star in The Queen’s Accent, a sequel to The King’s Speech in which he plays the young Queen Elizabeth II as she struggles to overcome her horrifically posh accent.

Set in 1952, the film tells the moving story of Elizabeth who ascends to the throne but is unable to speak in public without sounding like she was being strangled. In a desperate attempt to overcome her accent the young monarch visits an unconventional speech therapist who gradually teaches her to sound less posh and more like him, and who will be played by Hugh Grant.

The Queen’s Accent has already been nominated for 12 Academy Awards despite the fact that it hasn’t even been made yet. A further follow-up is also planned in which Prince Philip tries unsuccessfully to conquer his crippling Tourettes syndrome.

Ludicity (with input from Oxbridge)

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Posted: Jan 20th, 2011 by Ludicity

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