Arms industry joins call to ban export of death row drug

Britain’s leading arms manufacturers have joined the call to halt the export of sodium thiopental by a British pharmacist which could be used in the execution of an American prisoner on death row.

‘It’s utterly immoral; this substance is specifically designed to kill people,’ said Sir Nigel Scott-Kerrins OBE, whose company just completed a multi-million pound deal to supply rocket launchers and hand grendes to the Middle East. ‘How this little man sleeps at night I do not know…’ Other British arm dealers agreed that the West London pharmacist was giving British exporters a bad name. ‘Our helicopter gunships and cluster bombs are sold on the understanding that they will only be used as doorstops and novelty paperweights. Vince Cable would never have given us an export license if he thought that the misuse of these so-called ‘weapons’ might constitute a breach of strict health and safety regulations.’

Meanwhile the pharmacist who supplied the death row drug has gone into hiding following the tabloid expose of his grisly trade. ‘They ought to string him up’ said one London taxi driver. ‘I’d happily supply the rope myself.’

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