‘Women not sophisticated enough to understand post-feminist irony’ claims Gray

Andy Gray is facing more criticism today for his assertion that women don’t have the mental faculties to understand that his remarks were meant in a post-feminist ironic way.

‘Women just don’t have the capacity to understand irony’ he said. ‘Perhaps it is because they are more concerned with shopping or babies or something.’

‘My comments were designed to pour scorn on those men who treat birds as vacuous sex objects. Unfortunately, because women’s brains are smaller they struggle with such an advanced concept as irony. They are a bit like American’s in that sense.’

‘In a way I am the Alf Garnett of women’s lib. All I am trying to do is use humour to shame those men who would judge a woman on their gender or appearance, but unfortunately, like the coloureds back in the 70’s, the ladies just can’t cope with humour that operates on more than one level.’

‘I think it’s down to hormones. It’s no coincidence that there are no funny women. Have you ever wondered why the ones that do get on the telly all look like men.’ he added. ‘That Miranda might have won a comedy award but she really put’s the ‘male’ into ‘female’ doesn’t she.’

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