Police dog in institutional sexism row

Rosco, a police German Shepherd, has been accused of sexual harassment after an incident with his colleague, Polly, a bitch trained for sniffing out drugs.

‘At first, it was innocent stuff, just playing tug of war with a pull-rope,’ said PC David Inglethorpe, Polly’s handler, ‘but then, without warning, Rosco sniffed Polly’s rear, and before we knew it, he was riding her like a white water raft.’

PC Inglethorpe was appalled by Rosco’s total disregard for official procedures. ‘I mean, there were no flowers or chocolate, just bosh, in there! He was like an animal!’ he fumed.

Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police expressed his concerns at Rosco’s behaviour. ‘Sadly institutional sexism is still rife within our Dog Unit. There is a lot of mess we still have to clear up.’


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