Future ‘not as exciting as it used to be’ recalls futurologist

On the final day of his employment as a futurologist with the Applied Foresight Foundation, James Cantrell has been looking back at the way we once looked forward to the future.

‘Back in the black & white 1950s the future looked good,’ he said. ‘We envisaged a bright, new, high-tech tomorrow. Space travel would become routine, we’d fly to work by jet pack in clothes made from silver foil, and household chores would be left to robots.’

‘Sadly, that exhilarating future never arrived. The post-war optimism evaporated like morning mist. Yes, we went to the moon, but what did we get for all those billions? Just non-stick frying pans and pens that write upside-down. Even the silver jump-suits didn’t materialise, except for ‘Hole in the Wall’ participants.’

Mr. Cantrell will be taking up a new appointment with the Applied Hindsight Foundation at the end of last year.

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