Cadbury denies lower fat Dairy Milk bar ‘actually just smaller’

Cadbury’s launched a new Dairy Milk chocolate bar containing 14% less fat than before. ‘It’s exactly the same taste,’ said a spokesman, ‘and still only 99p!’

He dismissed claims by critics that Cadbury have simply reduced the size of the bar by 14% from 140g to 120g to cut costs. ‘You can argue anything with figures. The traditional fat per 100g guide is misleading as people don’t usually eat exactly 100g of chocolate.’

‘The important figure is the fat per pence ratio. With the old bar people consumed 41.3g of fat per 99p, we have reduced this to 35.4g per 99p. That we can deliver this healthier bar at the same cost to the consumer is a real bonus.’

‘We hope to introduce the fat reduction scheme across our entire range. Obviously the target is zero grams of fat for 99p but the market may not be ready for such a revolutionary product.’

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