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BBC presenters accused of gaffe-fixing in tabloid exposé

A sting operation by undercover reporters from The Sun allegedly shows that the recent spate of on-air gaffes by BBC broadcasters may have been the result of bribe-taking from East European betting rings. The newspaper claims significant bets were placed on swear-words being used during live broadcasts of Newsnight and other programmes.

Excerpts from the hidden camera footage released today include Jeremy Paxman offering to say ‘Turd’ for £500, ‘Bell-end’ for £1500, and boasting that he would ‘drop the C-bomb for ten grand’.

‘They should close the BBC down completely,’ frothed The Sun editor, Dominic Mohan. ‘This is the worse scandal to hit the corporation since the Blue Peter ‘Lugosi-gate’ scandal when Simon Groom was sacked for taking payments to include Bauhaus lyrics in the then-popular children’s show.’

James Naughtie and Andrew Marr have denied any involvement in the cash-for-gaffes affair, calling The Sun’s footage the result of ‘a cunning stunt’.

Tristan Shout

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2011 by Guest

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