Man With No Name brings airport to a standstill

A mysterious, soft-spoken cowboy caused chaos at a Stansted airport check-in desk yesterday, thanks to a completely blank passport.

The laconic and morally-ambiguous yet strangely compelling outsider stood unsmiling as Ryanair employee, Emma Soakes, challenged him to produce additional documentation.

The incident escalated when the man – known only as ‘The Man With No Name’ – tapped gently on a pair of onyx-handled six-shooters and shifted his poncho slightly to reveal a bandolero belt filled with live cartridges. With an almost imperceptible nod of the head, he then confirmed that he had packed the ammunition himself and was willing to pay the airline’s excess stubble charge.

Time passed.

The tense stand-off only came to a conclusion when The Man With No Name lit up a cigarillo and was arrested for breaking the airport’s smoking ban.

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