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Flash mob at steelworks leaves 16 dead, 40 injured

A singing, dancing T-mobile flash mob was sprung on unsuspecting steelworkers yesterday, causing a spill of molten iron that has left 16 dead and 40 injured. Two workers and 29 bodypoppers are in a critical condition.

‘It was the stuff of nightmares,’ said Doug Reardon, the duty foreman at the Corex steel foundry near Dudley. ‘We’d just begun work when the guys manning the blast furnaces suddenly vaulted over each other’s backs and mimed being in a car. We didn’t know what was going on.’

One survivor watched TV dance troupe Diversity disappear beneath a tidal wave of super-heated liquid steel. ‘They were popping and locking and then they were gone,’ he said.

Despite the high number of casualties, T-Mobile has insisted that the flashmob was a success. ‘We got a lot of usable footage,’ said their spokesman. ‘We can edit out the screaming and burning.’

More deaths are expected during today’s filming.

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Posted: Feb 8th, 2011 by jampot

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