Most self-abuse cases still go unreported, says study

Research published today reveals that not only does self-abuse continue at all levels of society, but over 90% of cases still go unreported, with many victims too ashamed to speak out for fear of ridicule.

‘Anyone can fall victim to self-abuse – young, old, housewife, college girl,’ said Professor Tony Ince, author of the study. ‘But the majority suffer the abuse in near silence, often repeatedly throughout a lifetime, with the victims powerless to break the cycle.’

‘It’s important we empower them to tell someone – let the victims know that they don’t have to be alone,’ he continued.

‘In fact, as I look out at my class of undergraduates, it gives me pause to wonder how many of them may have recently suffered at their own hand. If only more were brave enough to tell me their stories – in my office after classes, say – I really think I could help them.’

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