Banks livid over £25 admin charge for £800m tax bill

Bankers were left seething today after receiving a £25 charge for a letter from the government telling them that they owed £800m in tax.

‘This is completely unreasonable,’ complained one banker. ‘We know we owe this money, but to be charged £25 for the letter informing us is absolutely ridiculous. This is just a scam to make more money out of people who are already struggling.’

Another banker phoned the Treasury to complain on their 0870 number, but after a 20-minute wait was told the charge is quite clearly explained in the terms and conditions, and that the £9 cost of the call would be added to the outstanding balance.

The banks have been given 14 days to pay the £800,000,025, otherwise another letter will be sent incurring further charges.

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