Tesco add suspense to the weekly shop with ‘What’s wrong with the trolley?’ quiz

Tesco was said to be delighted today at the success of its new quiz which asks hapless shoppers to guess what’s wrong with the trolley they are about to select. Customers can choose from a range of replies including ‘Nothing’, ‘Veers to the left’, ‘Contains soiled nappy’, ‘One wheel jammed’, and ‘Won’t take my pound coin’.

Shoppers who guess correctly are allowed to use an express checkout staffed by a sulking teenager who will ignore them whilst chatting with her friend at the neighbouring checkout.

‘It’s a great scheme,’ said Tesco boss Terry Leahy, ‘and it adds a bit of fun to the shopping experience. I especially love it when shoppers guess ‘Nothing’ and feel quite smug as they leave the store. That is until the wheels fall off after walking 150m on block paving and their shopping is dumped in the car park.’

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