Historians agree that turning point of Second World War was posh bloke overcoming a stammer

New evidence has emerged that the key battle of World War Two was not Stalingrad, Normandy or Iwo Jima but the personal battle of a British Royal to overcome a slight speech impediment.

The incredible discovery which was made by leading British historians when they went to the pictures, has turned previous interpretations of the defeat of fascism on its head.  ‘We had always thought that the tide began to turn against Hitler once he had invaded Russia and declared war on the United States’ said Simon Schama, ‘but now apparently it turns out that the Fuehrer’s infamous oratory was no match for King George VI saying ‘Red lorry, yellow lorry’ really quickly.

However there were some fears that the defeat of fascism was not yet complete after a British man was set upon by an angry mob with the encouragement of the police, and then declared an enemy of the state after he said he thought ‘The King’s Speech’ was ‘OK, I mean, it was all right – a bit over-hyped if you ask me.’

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