Uproar in Hollywood as new ‘director’s cut’ shorter than original film

Movie moguls and critics are said to be ‘spitting feathers’ after controversial director Todd Bertolino declared his last film had been ‘a tad long’, and that a new ‘director’s cut’ would be nearly an hour shorter.

‘Repeat Prescription’ was first released in 2007 and features Jim Carrey as a city financier developing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It weighed in at two-and-a-half hours. ‘I always said it should be way shorter’ claims the director ‘but the suits said it needed to be padded out for those bloody teenagers and their increasing attention spans.’

‘I also thought the original was a bit ‘dark and edgy’’ he added ‘this new version gets away from the sombre ambiguities of the original novel; it’s much less depressing now.’

He has also promised that the new DVD won’t have any deleted scenes, making-of documentaries or director’s commentary on it; ‘who watches that shit anyway?’  Bertolino can be heard on the original DVD commentary saying ‘bloody hell, this fight scene goes on a bit … hang on, I’m off to the loo…’ and shortly after ‘is it that freakin’ fight scene, I’m off for a Krispy Kreme?’

Critics have slammed the 96 minute reworking as a ‘bloated self indulgence’: ‘People need value for money right now’, said Russell Slezak of Dreamworks ‘and if that means stretching the flimsiest of premises out to two or three hours, then it’s our duty to comply.’

This isn’t the first time that Bertolino has courted opprobrium at the festival. Three years ago critics booed ‘Dastardly and Mutley: the Movie’ when it transpired there was no hilarious bloopers reel at the end. ‘That’s sooo unfair’ commented a pouting Guardian critic Derek Malcolm ‘I sit through hours of pretentious arthouse drivel; what is the world coming to if I can’t watch Jim Carrey gurning and going ‘wibble, bloop’ for a couple of minutes?’

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