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Peace envoy Blair steps in and threatens Gaddafi with an ASBO

'those who seek to oppress innocents for their own personal gain must be stopped' says Gaddafi Tony Blair, the United Nations’ Middle East envoy has broken his silence on the tense situation in Libya by calling for tough sanctions against Colonel Gaddafi such as the introduction of an ASBO. Speaking at a press conference in New York, the former Prime Minster said ‘the time for talking is over and immediate tough action is required’ to deal with the brutal Libyan leader.

‘I make no apologies for the tone of my language but I have to say that Gaddafi’s behaviour has been entirely, yes, entirely inappropriate,’ said Mr Blair. ‘You can’t go around shooting innocent people unless you have first gone through the proper legal channels and then conveniently ignored them. Where would we all be if everyone behaved like he has?’

He continued to reminisce about his period of office as Prime Minister. ‘My government never flinched from our responsibility to protect our citizens and we were tough on anti social behaviour and tough on the causes of anti social behaviour. Taking this experience into consideration, I can see no reason why we shouldn’t take the same action on Col Gaddafi and impose the ultimate sanction of a United Nations Anti Social Behaviour Order on him immediately.’

Mr Blair paused to explain to the assembled world’s press what an ASBO was. ‘We found these to be very effective with miscreants of all shapes and sizes,’ he eventually continued. ‘I certainly didn’t see any trouble after we introduced them. Well, certainly not in Downing Street anyway.’

‘Of course we expect the ASBO to be fully effective, but it doesn’t work we will have to authorise a UN parachute invasion and troops will march Gaddafi to the nearest cash point machine and force him to draw out a bad behaviour fine of £50. That will bring him into line.’

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Posted: Feb 25th, 2011 by Stan

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