Man sends himself spam

John Spears, 33, has begun to doubt his virility, following a spate of spam emails sent from his own email account.

On reading one entitled “Are You Letting Her Down?”, John felt he had to confront some of his basic fears; namely that he is letting his wife/girlfriend down. He could put a smile on her face if he was “larrrger”.

Dear John, he replied, John here. You’re right. I am actually worried about the size of my manhood. Sandra’s never said anything, and I haven’t had many opportunities to do a fair comparison across other men, but – do you know it feels good to talk about this with someone.

The following evening, “John” replied. “I knew it”, the email read. “Have you ever considered that your insecurities – which often manifest themselves by your drinking too much at social occasions – could be down to this fundamental weakness? Perhaps this is all because you feel your father was distant?”

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