‘Go Now’ Gaddafi tells Clegg

Colonel Gaddafi has called on Nick Clegg to put an end to the bitter in-fighting by standing down. He says that although Clegg came to power in an initial rush of revolutionary zeal after the overthrow of the hated Gordon Brown, his erstwhile supporters have all abandoned him and he is now only kept in power by a bunch of mercenaries reportedly from Cameroon known on the streets of Westminster as The Tory Boys.

‘Lieutenant Clegg has clearly lost any legitimacy he once had and his attempts to tamper with the voting system show he clearly fears the righteous anger of the electorate,’ declared Gaddafi from a bunker in Shiffelt Hal’am. ‘The savage cuts to public bodies, brazen corruption of the political system and the excessive wealth and power wielded by the Bankir tribe have left the people of Britain disillusioned and angry.’


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