Pope denied planning permission for Kingdom of God

The United Nations have confirmed they have denied planning consent to Pope Benedict XVI to construct the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The Holy See’s tireless efforts to build an extension to Paradise have been thwarted by a ruling made by the UN’s Cultural Buildings Unit, which regulates physical and metaphysical building works in the greater earth area.

‘It was clear from the record number of objections we received in respect of this application that to grant permission would have been hugely controversial,’ Martin Broderick from UNCBU told reporters.

‘Not only were objections lodged and considered from all the non-Abrahamic religions, but consultations were taken with experts on the proposed design. Quite frankly, a Richard Rogers glass and steel edifice with atria and sewerage pipes on the outside was never going to cut the mustard. Certainly not in Jerusalem at any rate.’

Mr Blacker

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