Government unveils ‘unnecessary road sign ahead’ road sign

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The government has announced that a new road sign will be appearing on Britain’s roads, warning motorists of unnecessary signs ahead.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond told the Commons that there are too many pointless signs on Britain’s roads. ‘For example,’ he said, ‘there are those signs when you go downhill telling you to “use low gear”. That might have been good enough for Labour, but the Coalition government will allow motorists to choose whichever gear they want! So every where that there’s a “select low gear” sign, you will shortly find an Unnecessary Sign Ahead sign warning of it, so you can safely ignore it.’

Mr Hammond acknowledged that, if it is subsequently found that some of these signs are in fact necessary, his department will indicate this by putting up an Unnecessary Sign Ahead sign before the Unnecessary Sign Ahead sign, to tell motorists that they can ignore the Unnecessary Sign Ahead sign and concentrate on the actual sign.

‘We’re sure that drivers will be very grateful that they no longer have to take notice of unnecessary road signs, and can concentrate on driving when they see an Unnecessary Sign Ahead sign,’ he said. ‘The sign itself will be six feet in diameter, and on a bright yellow background there will be a silhouette of a man smacking his palm against his forehead. I’m sure that when motorists see one of these signs they will immediately think of this government.’

John Wiltshire

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