Calls for Eurovision Song Contest to adopt AV

Respected constitutional experts argue cogently for change

The ‘Yes to AV’ referendum campaign has issued a call to extend the proposed Alternative Vote electoral system to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Yes campaigner and ex-Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said that AV ‘could be the answer’ to years of unfairness at the Contest, which has not been won by a UK entry since 1997. ‘You only have to look at the results to see that something is badly wrong,’ Mr Johnson said. ‘Why have we been coming last all the time? Because we’re unpopular or the songs are atonal crap? Of course not, it’s because the voting system used is deeply flawed.’

‘For God’s sake, don’t you think it’s complicated enough already?’ complained a Eurovision official. ‘We have enough trouble getting Albanian tv presenters to read out their votes in French, and now you want us to spend six days recounting all the douze points? This is just yet another example of Nick Clegg trying to ruin things for everybody.’

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